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Kenny Schick Mannequin Book
M ANNEQUINS - a photographic book by Kenny Schick - BUY NOW FROM LULU




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Kenny Schick photography for Science Buddies used on Symantec website

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Kenny Schick is a photographer (and musician) who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by form, composition, and obscure approaches to subject matter, Schick captures details that most people would never notice and elevates them to a level of grandeur that cause viewers to recognize beauty in the seemingly mundane. Coming from a background of fine art photography, Schick has generally gravitated towards a contemplative approach to his work, often shooting still subjects. His slower, less shutter-happy approach is also born of the fact that he began shooting before the days of digital--a time when every shot counted due to the expense of film and processing, and the lack of instant viewing demanded a more calculated and thoughtful methodology. Along with patience and technique learned from the analog days of photography, Schick happily indulges in the benefits of digital photography, shooting more often, more freely, and more experimentally. Also inspired by photographing people and the human form, Schick now enjoys documentary photography and is often hired to shoot events, taking moments in time that would usually just be 'snap shots' and capturing them in ways that only his artistic eye can imagine. Primary interests for Schick are urban decay, textures/abstracts, and mannequins.

Although his passion for the arts started with music at age 12, photography would not enter his life until the age of 19, when he took a photo class while attending community college. His very first roll of film and contact sheet were used as an example in class, and with his instructor's avid encouragement, he had unknowingly started down a path which would eventually help define his life. With a degree in fine art photography from San Jose State University, Schick graduated just as digital photography(Photoshop) was starting to become a reality, and as such, had the good fortune to learn about and approach the medium from it's traditional side. In both photography and music, Schick was, and still is, just as excited by the process as the final outcome. While at SJSU, working with and manipulating photographic materials, exploring alternative processes such as Gum Bichromate printing, and exploring multi-media approaches were Schick's passions. Says Schick, "there was nothing more magical than watching an image start to appear on the paper in the red light of the dark room, then stepping out into the light to see the product of your efforts perfectly executed, living now, captured in silver on the surface of a magnificent fiber paper." Even the excitement of developing film, hoping that the images were captured well, was inspiring for Schick.

After graduating, Schick went to work in the production end of the industry, working first for Kodak (Kodalux), and then for the well known Calypso Imaging in Santa Clara for the next 14 years. At this time, photography was still enlarger/chemical based for the most part, so Schick got very proficient at churning out quality prints quickly, and soon realized that the fine art world and the commercial world of photography were vastly different. Advancing quickly at the company, Schick moved up to become the sole QC for the company, and eventually moved into managing some of Calypso's top accounts, such as nature photographers Frans Lanting and Galen Rowell. The company quickly adapted to the rise of digital photography, and the world of production rapidly changed. As well as working with fine art photographers, Calypso Imaging engaged in a lot of large format digital printing very early on, making it a prime provider of trade show graphics and the like. The commercial world of photography took almost all of the magic out of photography for Schick, and during this time, he engaged in almost no personal work at all. Nonetheless, there was a 'latent image' forming in Schick's mind that would fully develop many years later; the constant assessment of and exposure to images of all varieties gave him an enormous amount of 'critiquing' time to see what worked, what didn't, who was talented, who wasn't, and what a powerful image was in all the different worlds of photography/imaging.

During this time, Schick always spent his hours away from work pursuing his first love, music, which would take him on a life-changing journey to Australia in 2006. Schick went to Australia in August of 2006 to play his music, and to meet a girl(now his wife, Sabine Heusler-Schick), whom he met online. What Schick didn't yet know was that the latent image that had begun to develop during all those years at Calypso Imaging would suddenly become visible. Having purchased his first digital camera--a simple but decent point and shoot--Schick's passion for shooting came back to life with a vengeance under the hot summer Australian sun. With his knowledge of traditional photographic techniques, Schick was able to capture very high quality images with a simple point and shoot in manual mode. The immediacy of the digital age drove his passion much as the process had before, and rekindled his love for the art.

When Schick got back to the United States, he purchased a 'real' camera and his shooting ramped up rapidly. It was a road trip with his Australian girlfriend(now wife) across the US and back that really pushed his shooting in many new directions with such an abundant amount of subject matter and the inspiration of living out of a car for 2 months. People began to notice how special Schick's images were, and unexpectedly, began to buy his images and hire him for all types of photographic purposes. It wasn't long before photography was added to the list of services offered by the couple's company, Basement 3 Productions, which specializes in music production and visual presentation for musicians and all types of corporate clients. Now specializing in mostly documentary, portraiture, and commercial work, Schick still finds time to enjoy the creative side of photography and will soon release a body of work based around his mannequin shots.