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Basement3Productions - Music Recording & Production

Producer, Engineer & Musician Kenny Schick can help you get the best performance for your recording. If you are a singer songwriter - he can help you flesh out your songs by adding any instrumentation - drums, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, cello, string section, saxophone, flute, piano, clarinet, dobro, banjo, upright bass, violin, backing vocals / harmonies - while making sure you keep your own unique sound and style.


We have a small intimate studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains that is our primary workspace. We also have various studios we use in San Jose for bigger projects or bands.


If you are a band we can help you record and capture your best performance in any location. We can travel to any location - for example your home, your church, a rehearsal space or a room you just like to play in, so long as it is acoustically sound and relatively free from outside noise.


If you have your own studio but aren't achieving good results, Kenny can go to your location and give you advice. He can talk to you about room acoustics, gear, microphone placement etc.


Kenny Schick specializes in producing singer-songwriters - to help them create exciting and unique recordings of their music that equals or surpasses industry standards. Kenny Schick's extensive and diverse musical background, mastery of many instruments, and years of experience in the studio give clients access to a vast arsenal of ideas and sounds that can help define their individuality and give them final products with quality that can usually only be attained with major label budgets/teams. Taking your stripped down songs and ideas to a full band or fully orchestrated arrangement that is unique to your personality and artistry is Kenny's specialty. He can take your song(s) from a sketch to fully mastered commercial quality release. Recording can be done in our studio or we can record in your home, rehearsal space or any location that will get your best most creative performance.


Small Acoustic bands based around a Singer Songwriter:

Kenny Schick can record your band in any location with his mobile rig, for example in your bands rehearsal space. Self recorded files by can be sent to Kenny to orchestrate and mix.

Full Band:

Kenny has studios available that can handle larger/louder bands. Mixing and overdubs are done back at B3P studio. Self recorded files can also be sent to Kenny to mix.


Mixing is done in the B3P studio. You can also record your band yourself if you have the means and send the files remotely to Kenny to mix. It means your band can be located anywhere in the world and be mixed by Kenny. You could get on going advice and mentoring during the recording process if needed.


Mastering is the final step in producing a song or album. Mastering raises the overall level/volume of songs to compete in the commercial market along side other music so it doesn't disappear next to songs that have been mastered to current standards. For example if your song popped up in rotation in itunes or pandora etc, insufficient levels would make it sound weak and of lower quality next to other songs mastered properly. Mastering addresses any overall adjustments that may be needed with EQ and compression etc. In the case of an album, mastering also makes sure the songs sound uniform in volume and tonality.



Basement3Productions also provides graphic design, photography, production & marketing expertise and can help you produce a fully complete artist's package for your independent musical career with on going mentoring care. Basement3Productions is truly a one-stop shop!


FREE initial consultation with no obligation.

$50 per hour for production, recording, mixing & orchestration.

Session music is $50 per hour if Kenny plays the instrument or $125 per part if contracting outside musicians (can change with the musician depending on their fees).

Mastering is material dependent.

Contact for more information

QUOTES from Artists:

" Kenny is exactly what I needed. I am a lyricist with a good ear for melody and a decent grasp of chording, but I do not yet have a producer's ear that can hear what else the song needs. Kenny has a startling ability to reach into a simple demo and draw out what the song was always doing, but had not yet come to be. It's as if he uncorks each song, and pours it out so I can finally see and taste it fully. Kenny's sketches remind me of the soul of the song, which I often forget when I've practiced it a hundred times.

When recording time comes, he is a pro. He has all the gear, all of the technical know-how, a strong knowledge of many genres, an excellent ear, and very good taste. He knows his stuff cold. He's also an incredible musician, and plays many instruments extremely well, so he ends up being a one-stop shop for studio work.

On top of all that, he's as easy-going as they come, and does everything he can to make me feel at home and comfortable. At the same time, he is a stickler for detail, and strives for excellence. I sing and play my best when I'm working with him, and he helps to bring my work to a level that matches the standard he seeks.

Working with Kenny has made me a better musician, and has made me fall in love again with my music, my vision, and my voice. I can't ask for more than that. "
Martha Groves Perry


"I have known Kenny for around 5 years and during that time we have completed 2 Albums (1 Pop and 1 County). Music  has always been a passion of mine spending countless hours playing the piano, singing to songs on the radio and creating melodies to my own songs. I spent many years searching for the sound that I wanted the world to hear and thankfully with Kenny’s experience with countless genres of music and patient demeanor I was able to find my sound. Kenny’s recording studio compiled of elite recording equipment and comfortable atmosphere certainly added to our ability to create the high level quality sound  I was looking for."
Mike Drew


" I’m very much an amateur, a guy with a full time job who just happens to love making music in the folk singer/songwriter vein. I bring in my fairly simple songs, mediocre guitar work and a voice that is, well, er, sometimes challenged. Kenny has been a great mentor for me, coaching me in his easy, friendly way with professional-level tips and techniques for guitar, voice, recording and more.
It can get pretty personal trying to get a clean take of a song you have an emotional attachment to. Kenny’s great sense of humor and  empathy has helped smooth over a lot of rocky moments.
When it comes to the final product, I am always pleased and frequently amazed. What Kenny does to smooth out the many quirks of my singing is the equivalent of audio Photoshop-ing by someone with a fine ear and skills for knowing how to shape a sound wave. He routinely brings fresh ideas for how to add rhythm and instrumentation to my songs, creating a virtual band that typically is Kenny on bass, electric guitar and sax.
His solos are the icing on the cake. Typically I just say, “I’d like a sax or electric guitar solo here” and he comes back with riffs that knock my socks off. His solos often become the favorite parts of the recordings.
One more thing. Even though I am an amateur, I have my opinions from time to time about a cello here, an oboe there, a line that should be a little softer or rougher. Kenny consistently listens and routinely gives me space to provide frank feedback. As he told me early on, his goal is to make sure I am happy with the final product. I am. And difficult as it is sometimes, I like the process, too. I feel I am growing. Thanks, Kenny!
Rick Merritt


"Basement3Productions has been a lifesaver in getting my project completed in a way that exceeded all my expectations from the partnership to the pro results.  It's served as an education for me on how to run a business, tailor the customer experience and deliver just the right assistance. I found Basement3 to be intuitive and quickly gain an understanding of what I was looking for on all aspects of my project. This set ran the gamut from nearly completed songs that just needed a proper engineer to record and get the right performance all the way through producing and collaborating. They delivered many truly memorable contributions while making the experience both relaxed and energizing. With B3P stellar multi-instrumental capabilities and access to a stable of additional musicians for hire you really are able to get an amazing result. Also within their portfolio they had the ability to help me with my concept, advice about self promotion, develop the artwork and delivered an outstanding website."
Chris Jercha


"It was my first recording and I wanted to work with someone who not only had skill and talent, but also the sensitivity to both understand what I wanted and offer a perspective I didn’t know I wanted. As a multi instrumentalist, programming wiz and seasoned engineer Kenny provided all that. I also deeply appreciate his sincere love of music coupled with the professionalism and creativity to bring any project to another level.”
Yvonne Kerno


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Kenny Schick at Basement3Productions to record my CD, See Myself Again. B3 is the perfect place for recording musicians because it’s one-stop shopping. Kenny is a very talented background/accompanying musician/singer songwriter, a detail-oriented and knowledgeable recording engineer and a fabulous professional photographer. His wife Sabine is an equally talented musician/singer/songwriter and a professional graphic designer. Together, they really are the entire package—and can successfully manage any recording project from start to finish. They’re also really nice—and humility doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with that much talent. I could not have asked for a better experience and I’m really proud of what Kenny and Sabine helped me create …. I can’t recommend Basement3Productions highly enough!”
Gail Weisman


“Kenny and B3P keep the genuine love of music alive in their treetop studio. Recording there is magical, and the professional end product is everything I hoped for. Listening to my songs after production is a dream come true.”
Nell Maynard


"Basement3Productions helped guide me as a young artist by working faithfully to my vision of my album while also providing inspired, creative input. The work they did for both my album artwork and music was affordable and high-quality enough to be featured on multiple tv shows. I doubt I could have found a more professional and friendly team."
Christina Li


Kenny is a highly experienced Session Recording & Live performance Musician - specializing in Saxophone - Guitar - Flute - Bass - Fretless Bass - Vocals - Backing Vocals - Percussion - Drums, he is available for studio recording or live performances.

ORCHESTRATION - Need added instrumentation to enhance a recording? Need a Horn Section? Need String section? Acoustic or Electric Guitar? EMAIL ME




READ a REVIEW in THE MUSE'S MUSE EZINE for Kenny Schick's solo project which he produced and recorded. He scored 10/10 for every aspect of this recording.

Kenny gets accolades from RUSH record label OLE for his production/performance on the RUSH COVER 'Limelight' - WE WON 3rd place in the competition! #rushtheband #ole #artemesiablack #kennyschick READ THE PRESS RELEASE HERE




CLIENT EXAMPLES: We pride ourselves on making all artists sound individual

CLIENT Chris Jercha. STUDIO NOTES: The song Anesthesia represents something quite a bit more hard hitting, we can go far beyond singer songwriter stylings here at B3P. Chris originally sent along some clean rhythm guitars, a drum loop, and a scratch vocal to get us started. He often records some initial parts at home, which we re-amp here so we can take our time dialing in the guitar sounds we want. Once it starts to take shape, we generally send it off to have drums add, then cut lead vocs, lead guitars, bass, etc. Chris and I provide guitars on this one and bass. (MP3 FILE) © Chris Jercha 2013

CLIENT: Kara Goslin. STUDIO NOTES: This song is one of the more produced ones on Kara's album - as with the others, we recorded her lead vocal and guitar to a a percussion loop (click track) and then I added electric guitar, hired an upright bass player, and used the fabulous drummer David Nelson to do the drums -- David works directly with B3P providing drum parts as needed all via dropbox, which allows us to provide quality drum parts at very reasonable prices. (MP3 FILE) © Kara Goslin 2013


CLIENT: Patrick McCauley: STUDIO NOTES: Out Of the Blue - these recordings were done very quickly - Patrick laid down his guitar and his lead vocal to a percussion loop (click track), and then I later added electric guitar, bass, horns, and because of budget considerations, used drum loops from my library to create the drums. We discussed real drums, but decided the loops suited the song fine. (MP3 FILE) © Patrick McCauley 2013


CLIENT: Chris Jercha. STUDIO NOTES: Tied Back Down - Chris' project is a little more elaborate, demonstrating a full band approach to production. Like many clients, his songs begin with a rough demo that we discuss, then will generally track a rhythm instrument like guitar or piano along with a percussion loop to get a feel, then add a lead vocal, either final or scratch, and proceed to add other layers of guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, etc until we end up with a final product. These are more elaborate full productions, which require a bit more time and experimentation in some cases. Drums are again provided by the fabulous David Nelson, guitars are Chris and I, keyboards are Chris, and bass is me. (MP3 FILE) © Chris Jercha 2013

CLIENT: Barbara MacRae. STUDIO NOTES: This song was reorchestrated by Kenny Schick, all instrumentation by Kenny Schick, Vocals Barbara MacRae, other vocals Sabine Heusler-Schick, Kenny Schick & Karl MacRae (MP3 FILE) from the broadway musical: The Little Mermaid, written by: Howard Ashman and Alan Menken


CLIENT: Michael Drew. STUDIO NOTES: Main vocal track by Michael Drew. Initial track was Kenny on guitar and Michael doing vocals cut live in one take. All other instrumentation and orchestration by Kenny Schick (inhouse) guitars, electric and acoustic, to flesh out the song. Backing vocals were also added later. (MP3 FILE) © Michael Drew 2011


CLIENT: Kara Goslin. STUDIO NOTES: Missing - a more stripped down type of production. Kara tracked the guitar and lead vocal, then I added minimal electric guitar, banjo uke, backing vocals and the horn section toward the end. Kara came back and added one more harmony on the backup vocals. Kara loved the forest outside the studio, so she requested we record with the door open - you can hear a plane flying overhead at the beginning - we liked it, so we kept it in. (MP3 FILE) © Kara Goslin 2013


CLIENT: Raffy Espiritu. STUDIO NOTES: Blowfish - lead vocals were performed by Raffy. All other instruments and effects were done by me, except for some of the backup vocals done by Patrick McCauley. With Raffy, we laid down scratch vocals and guitar to outline the song, then I created the tracks for the songs to which he came back and sang lead vocals and/or redid guitar in some cases where I had not already done so. (MP3 FILE) © Raffy Espiritu 2011


CLIENT: ArtemesiaBlack. STUDIO NOTES: written by Sabine Heusler-Schick, performed by ArtemesiaBlack (band), orchestration by Kenny Schick. Recorded around one microphone in the studio with full band to give it a more 'live' vibe. Backing vocals added later. (AIFF FILE) © Sabine Heusler-Schick & Kenny Schick 2012


CLIENT: ArtemesiaBlack. STUDIO NOTES: written by Sabine Heusler-Schick, performed by ArtemesiaBlack (band & IRMA FOX), orchestration by Kenny Schick. oysters, notes: band recorded live in one room for live feel (no click, as tempos needed to be flexible). On this track, even lead vocals needed to be cut live, as band needed to follow them. additional guitars and textures were added later. (WAV FILE) © Sabine Heusler-Schick & Kenny Schick 2012


CLIENT: Christina Li. STUDIO NOTES: written by Christina Li, piano and vocals performed by Christina Li. All other orchestration and instrumentation by Kenny Schick. Piano and vocals recorded at home - all other recording done in B3P studio.2011 - Chrisina Li completed a successful indie full album with us called 'Songs of Innocence' released 2011 (song appearing on the Hit TV show 'Dance Moms') being a little more budget conscious on this project, drums were created from loops in my loop library. (MP3 FILE) © Christina Li


CLIENT: The Brownies. STUDIO NOTES: written by Tim K, performed by The Brownies.. Recorded in Studio. (MP3 FILE) © The Brownies


CLIENT: Sabrina Signs. STUDIO NOTES: written & vocals by Sabrina Signs. Orchestration and all instrumentation (Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals) by Kenny Schick - Recorded at B3P Studio. (MP3 FILE) © Sabrina Signs



Greg Camp (Smashmouth)
Charles Gillingham - Counting Crows
Brain - Primus
Michael Urbano - Smashmouth, Curveball
Arion Salazar - Third Eye Blind
Ray White - Frank Zappa
Judy Mowatt - Bob Marley
Justin Hinds (Godfather of ska)
Bobby McFerrin (vocalist & grammy winner)
Hershel Yatovitz Chris Isaak's band
Yami Bolo
Sister Carol
JC Lodge
Pato Banton
Time Spent Driving
David Peel
The Brownies
Southbay Dub Allstars
DB Walker band
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
The John Singer Band
Jailbait Babysitters
Frank Caruso
GC Cameron (Temptations & The Spinnes)
Sister Double Happiness
World Entertainment War
Bad Dogs Sit
Fungo Mungo
Sabine Heusler-Schick
Aly Kahn
Black Sea Surf
Rain Cruz
Sabrina Signs
The Devil's Sunday Best
Elisabeth Carlsile
Christina Li
Michael Drew
Raffy Espiritu
Luciano (Jamaica)
Jay and the Po Boys
Guilded Splinters
Smoke Ring Halos
Kara Goslin
Patrick McCauley
Dan Rubinstein
Chris Jercha
Hoopty Funk
Moxtra (company jingle)
Saints & Sinners
Rick Merritt
Glenn Schoonmaker
Gail Weisman
Peter Colclasure (2 albums)
Jim Boyers
John Honningford
Jenny Maybee
Robert Perela
Yvonne Kerno
Cliff Rawson
LeGrand Hutchings
Marla (Star La'Moan) Stone Lyons
The Kitchenettes
Hens Teeth Music AUST
Platinum Music UK
Nell Maynard
Martha Groves Perry
Erin Bentley

DB Walker
Josh Friedman
Ghost Collective

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